Saturday, July 1, 2017

Elevate Your Surroundings

There's a recent article about the rapper Chamillionaire and him being spotted sitting court side at the Warriors Championship game. He was questioned by many about how he was able to afford court side seats when he hasn't put out any music in over 10 years and his response was simply he moved on and moved up. When he first started in the industry it was all about one mindedness and not realizing the real opportunity of surrounding yourself with people who you are aspiring to be. He said he moved to different places around the world and found people in the tech industry and began investing. He said seeing younger people have more than what he had only motivated him to invest and research different outlets to gain more financial in-dependency. No this article is not about Chamillionaire, but it serves as an eye-opener for those of us who continue to surround ourselves with people who are content with where they are in life sit around with no intentions to elevate themselves and better themselves. It's often easier to maintain the friendships, relationships, or current job that you have because you're comfortable and you know your way around rather than seeking opportunities that could potentially put you in environments and surroundings that will surpass your initial goal.

Life is about learning and seeing what you can accomplish when you grasp the fullness of each opportunity.  Open your mind to the bigger picture; don't limit yourself because you may not 'know it all.'  Take time to learn.

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