Sunday, February 21, 2016

My First Lady is Blossoming 

I had the idea to write this around the time Process Patience was being birthed but for reason it could not come together. But now it's ready. 

First thing you think when you hear First Lady? 
Maybe the FLOTUS, Mrs. Michelle Obama perhaps. Or the First Lady of your church. Or maybe even your mother, grandmother, aunts etc. 
Every lady mentioned is in fact a First Lady.  While writing Process Patience, I felt a powerful sense of leadership and selflessness. I began feeling like I had a platform and I had to do something powerful with it. I knew there was one person I could influence and impact everyday and I sought the opportunity daily. I started extending my help whether it was to answer my phone to listen to a friend or go meet with a friend because they just needed someone there. 
It became my obligation to allow Process Patience to vibrate through my bones and amplify my First Lady. 
I've learned and accepted that:

It's ok to be that listening ear. 
It's ok to cater to another instead of napping. 
It's ok to push others to become their best. 
It's ok to share your time with someone who needs company for just a few moments out the day. 
It's ok to work through a headache for the betterment of those around you. 
It's ok contribute to the stability of those surrounding you. 
It's ok to take a moment to reflect on how want to help someone. 
It's ok to ask for help. 
It's ok to achieve everything you've ever wanted. 
It's ok to say no to anything that is not pleasing to you. 
It's ok to be the First Lady in your life. Let her blossom. Let her become that crown wearing, beautifully selfless, 'I cry if I want' motto living, strong, and confident lady that IS. 
It's ok be the roots governed in the strong foundation of love 
and forgiveness.