Friday, April 7, 2017

The Atmosphere

Once a thought is released into the atmosphere it now has room to grow and manifest.  But, it will continue to float among the atmosphere until you activate it. The thought is only an idea; something so creative and unique.  It will not become tangible until you work it; ‘Faith without works it dead.” So, imagine having an idea for an invention, did you speak it out of your mouth? Yes? Okay, so the easy part is done; you’ve released it into a realm where only aspirations and dreams can reside.  Now, what do I do with it, you ask? You work it! Put some action where only physical entities can be.  Your Faith is equivalent to the creativity floating around (just waiting to be realized and actualized); it can’t be if nothing is working on it.  And just like any floating thing, it can become entangled in a web i.e. your other creative thoughts that remain idle because no action was given to them or even worse, they’re dead.  Or they can be snatched by someone who had a similar idea and is ready and willing to actualize it.  You see, just as exciting ‘thinking’ about what we want to be or do is, it’s more exciting ‘doing it’ to someone else.  We aren’t the only ones God blesses with creativity, inventions, talents, and ideas but I often see that we are the only ones not Faithed enough to do something.  Stop letting, better yet, stop allowing your thoughts to remain in that pretty, unrealistic dream bubble.  Let them free and Faith Up!  Actualize what you want to see.  Actualize what you to be.  It only takes a little bit of Faith and a whole lot of WORK.  Be dutiful and get it done!  If not, be my guest to watch it be snatched up and activated by someone who went for it.

                                                                                             -Timberley Randolph

Friday, December 23, 2016

Stop Making Great Time on a Road to Nowhere!!!!

Wasting time is perhaps the most disrespectful thing you could do to God… You’re probably thinking, “I have time, I’ll do that tomorrow,” WRONG! You don’t know if you’ll have time. Tomorrow may never come. Cliché? Yeah. Truth? ABSOLUTELY!

We have no idea when this is it. Sound familiar? Remember Michael Jackson and the name of his tour? It was to be the best tour yet! The production team, the dancers, the visuals, the dramatics, oh man, I would’ve loved to see it live… But unfortunately, the late, great, Michael Jackson would not have the chance to see live.. Just like that, when someone speaks of Michael Jackson, it’s followed by RIP. No one will ever really know just how spectacular This Is It could’ve been.
I know I don’t want to waste any more time, do you? You may feel like, “why do I need to plan and prepare for an uncertain life?” Well, here’s why, because God gave His ONLY son that you and myself could live. And not just live, averagely or in mediocracy, but to live ABUNDANTLY. We are still here because we have work to do. No, not the 9-5 work that you dread on a daily and complain about every chance you get to whomever will listen. I mean the glorious work, the bountiful work, the work that blesses someone else, the type of work that shows gratitude and appreciation, to who other than, G.O.D Himself. I mean, after all, if it weren’t for God’s selflessness, there’d be no need for this conversation.

How is that God did something so inhumane, for such ungrateful, inhumane people? Don’t worry, that’s a rhetorical question. There will never be a time where we will fully understand why God did and continues to do what He does. All we know and can be sure of is that it gets done! If we could take the time to understand the value within us that is already there (because of God), we would rethink putting ourselves in obstacles and situations that were never meant for us. Has anyone ever told you, “pick your battles?” Well how about you listen. Proverbs 19:20 “Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.” That scripture is proof that there is a guideline to life. We don’t always have to do what WE think is best for us; that was already mapped out, by GOD! He did all the hard work for us and yet, He still supplied us with EVERYTHING we need. So not only did He take the time to instruct us on how to maneuver through life but He also gave us the tools needed to do so, such as patience, kindness, forgiveness, love, etc. That’s like going on a camping trip, renting a vehicle that’ll never run out on gas, it will not break down, and then arriving to the cabin only to find out the refrigerator is fully stocked, you didn’t need to pack a bag because there are clothes (in your size) and everything you’ll need already there! All you had to do was read the instructions on how to get there but oh silly flesh driven, we know everything already humans, what do we do? We leave the instructions/map in a bag in the trunk which prevents us from getting to the cabin on time because we “thought” we knew where to go and how to get there. Oh, let me say, you will get there but not without getting stuck in traffic, having to turn around and rerouted multiple times due to road blocks and construction zones, but hey, we’re so blinded by ego and pride sometimes, we make ourselves believe we wanted to take the scenic route.

My words are not to shun you are look down on you because we’ve all been there, done that, have a shirt for proof! But why? Why must we continue to “try and make it,” or be content with “just enough.” I know I don’t want a life like that and I for sure do not want my children’s life to be as such. It is a decision we will have to make eventually so why continue to put it off. We literally only live once. That’s it, no gimmick, no surprise life renewal plan, just this one time. I want the best one time living plan possible and if that means taking time out of my imaginary busy schedule to read a manual that has been divinely created just for me (the BIBLE), then I’ll choose that over anything.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's In Your Blood To Succeed!

Many times, we find ourselves trying to figure out what it is we are purposed for... And I am here to remind you that you ARE HERE TO SUCCEED!  Take every waking breath to remind yourself, 




It is difficult to see the result when you haven't visualized the steps it'll take to begin the process. I have recently been focusing on my blood type which is A+.. That alone sparked something in me that reminded me to GET UP! Get up because I was created to make it!

Success is in your blood! You were molded with fibers of greatness and particles of wealth! There is no way YOU CANNOT WIN unless you DON'T TRY!

Do not live in the "should've, could've, would've" But instead, LIVE in 


Do not settle for less than what you were put here to accomplish! I will personally support you through your process. 

VISUALIZE the process
ACTUALIZE your results!

Your DNA has been set up for greatness, which is why you have not been able to accept mediocre.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My First Lady is Blossoming 

I had the idea to write this around the time Process Patience was being birthed but for reason it could not come together. But now it's ready. 

First thing you think when you hear First Lady? 
Maybe the FLOTUS, Mrs. Michelle Obama perhaps. Or the First Lady of your church. Or maybe even your mother, grandmother, aunts etc. 
Every lady mentioned is in fact a First Lady.  While writing Process Patience, I felt a powerful sense of leadership and selflessness. I began feeling like I had a platform and I had to do something powerful with it. I knew there was one person I could influence and impact everyday and I sought the opportunity daily. I started extending my help whether it was to answer my phone to listen to a friend or go meet with a friend because they just needed someone there. 
It became my obligation to allow Process Patience to vibrate through my bones and amplify my First Lady. 
I've learned and accepted that:

It's ok to be that listening ear. 
It's ok to cater to another instead of napping. 
It's ok to push others to become their best. 
It's ok to share your time with someone who needs company for just a few moments out the day. 
It's ok to work through a headache for the betterment of those around you. 
It's ok contribute to the stability of those surrounding you. 
It's ok to take a moment to reflect on how want to help someone. 
It's ok to ask for help. 
It's ok to achieve everything you've ever wanted. 
It's ok to say no to anything that is not pleasing to you. 
It's ok to be the First Lady in your life. Let her blossom. Let her become that crown wearing, beautifully selfless, 'I cry if I want' motto living, strong, and confident lady that IS. 
It's ok be the roots governed in the strong foundation of love 
and forgiveness.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Evolution of Timberley

I am acknowledging that my life is not a fairytale; rather it is a tale that this is being lived by a fairy.  I have learned and am still learning how to live my life. 

I was the fragile woman
Crying all alone
Couldn’t seem to find peace
Lord, please this can’t be life
She feels like she’s failing as a wife
No job or stability to bring into her home
Age is the only thing that makes her feel grown
Disappointment left and right from all the No’s
Just once let her get a Yes

Growing up I was insecure about everything:
My hair
My eyebrows
My nails
My feet
My hips
My thighs
My lips
And eyes
Pretty much everything about me was a flaw
I just wasn’t comfortable with any part of me except my mind
I have become my own project
Knowing that loving myself before anyone or anything is the most powerful skill one can obtain
At this very moment, I love everything about me!

I am comfortable in my skin because I am internally at peace

...this evolution is still being televised so stay tuned...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Processing.... Please wait

Dear Jesus, 

Lately, I have been so depressed.  I have bill collectors calling every single day, student loans, my cable is off, my phone is off, I can not drive my truck because it has a flat tire and I cannot pay to get it fixed, also it has been super cold and the heat does not work.  This has been a trying time for me, I just seem to find myself moping around and losing all excitement in life.  Not to mention, my credit score is completely in the red zone, if that even exists.  "Living by faith and not by sight," is a lot easier said than done.  And I know I should be grateful for just waking up and the clothes on my back (which I am) but it is just so hard..  I have been really trying not to complain but in doing so I have been holding so much in and I have a headache almost everyday.  I know everyone has their own process and test that they go through but I am so aware at this time in my life and I don't know how to handle it.  I know you are all knowing so I really don't have to tell you all this, it just helps having someone to talk to.  Luckily for me, you are the God that put the sun, moon, and the stars in the sky.  You light up the sky and at the same time guides us through the night. So my low credit score and mile long debt doesn't and will never compare to the magnitudes of blessings you will bestow upon me. 

Ever feel like this has been the poster board of your life?  Anything you try to do gives you a hold please while this processes?  Yes, I know the feeling.  You're just frozen; at a standstill watching everyone else's life move forward, at least that's what it appears to be.  Sometimes as an outsider we are only able to see what someone chooses to reveal.  We may see the job promotion, or the call back for a part in a play or anything but what we won't see is the time, patience, and all the No's it took to get there.  You may be thinking you are the only one going through a tough time but YOU'RE NOT!  God never said it would happen over night or that it would be easy. 
And I recently read something that said "realize your lack could be just what you need for spiritual growth."  And that is EXACTLY how I feel.  I am at a tug-of-war spiritually.  I know I don't give enough time to God; spending and building my relationship with God.  I keep hearing this "how can I (God) trust you with a lot if I can't with a little?"  
So with that being said, I am giving God my whole heart, not just a piece.  He (God) will come second to none; no person, no thing.  It is not stuff that He longs after but my Heart.

God just wants your heart, so give it to Him.

Monday, February 9, 2015


I just gotta tell my story....

Often times we are suffocating due to an experience in our life. 

 I have heard many stories that have touched my heart.  It is one thing to go through something that was in your control but to have gone through a traumatic event were you were helpless, is something no one should ever experience.  I know an experience for me was losing my baby because it was ectopic.  I would never want anyone to go through what I did.  But God never makes a mistake and regardless of what we go through, He is right there by our side and most importantly, He STILL loves us! 

You're drowning, can't breathe, feels like you're surrounded by water 
Until you wake up with puffy eyes, only to realize your pillow soaked from the tears you cried 
Trying to understand the events of the past 
Not really letting go of the things that didn't last 
It's been twenty years, why does it still hurt me so? 
God said give it to me and just let it go 
I thought I forgave and put it all behind me but the people that did it are still defining me 
I am suffocated by the mistakes of others, done unto me 
This isn't fair Lord, I was only 3 
Was there something I could have done back then that would've allowed the 24 years old me to be set free? 
I don't want to suffocate anymore
I want my peace, sleep, and sanity back 
God please just take this heavy load off me
Allow me to grow up, mentally.
This is the hardest thing I've ever written  
But these words are like doves being released 
I'm free. No more pain.  Or suffocating 

Through words, many people feel a sense of relief and release.  I have gone through so much and am still in the midst of my process but through it all I have learned to remain patient.  "Trouble doesn't last always."  If I can just continue to p.u.s.h through this suffocating time in my life, I will soon be able to breathe again.  
Always remember that you are stronger than you think.  Strength is gained only after you're body has been pushed to its limit.  You're not alone; everyone has a story.  Being able to write or speak about it is liberating.  Let the paper be your therapist and just write.  

Just Breathe.