Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Message From My Mommy

"Don't just reside, LIVE in 2015!!!!

Find adventures that will take you away from your residency; a place of comfort and security.  Dare a little, embrace change, check out what's on the other side, climb that mountain, ride that bicycle, go ice skating, or even water skiing.   Try what looks to be the impossible.  Speak to someone that does not represent who you associate with.  Step out of your comfort standards.  Laugh at the unthinkable that you do, get a facial, go to the spa, try eating something that isn't your taste bud's diet.  Don't frown at someone that may not fit your level of expectation instead, offer encouragement. 
 We have to start making this world a better place to Live, and it begins with ME by not residing but taking a stand to LIVE and support others to LIVE.  
Each day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday.  Let's not just rise in the morning without purpose and meaning but fulfill a goal to make a difference to LIVE.
Afterall, we all are here to LIVE!"

I am so thankful for the support of my mother and all the she speaks into my life.  I took a chance with the birth of my blog.  Not knowing how it would be received or if anyone would ever read my blogs.  I now realize that I can't post a blog based on how many comments it will get rather, the way it helps me to express myself.  I know that if I post it, it will be read and that is enough for me.  I don't need anyone to tell me how great of a read it was and the number or reposts it gets.  I feel great and satisfied just knowing I had the courage to write what I felt and I sent it into the universe. 

Someone needs to read what I have to write, so I will never stop!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

See Yourself

Often times we forget that we are the only ones that can control how we feel both internally and externally.  Grant it, getting compliments and verbal pushes are always nice to receive from people. But when it turns into something we seek to and for everything then that's when it becomes a crutch.  You see, others will always see us for what and how they perceive us.  Whether we agree with their opinion or not, it will always be there.  But the key is to see yourself.  
See yourself, not for what others told you how to look or what you look like but rather how you want to be seen.  Envision your hearts' desires being tangible; right at the tip of your fingertips!

If you want a mansion, see yourself in it.  Clip out interior and exterior designs of the mansion you want. The amount of bedrooms, bathroom, a swimming pool, etc.  
If you want to model, see yourself modeling on a runway or in a high fashion photoshoot.  
If you want to be a publlisher, begin writing and see yourself at your own book signing.

If we are constantly asking or waiting for someone to tell us about ourself then how do you ever expect to love yourself fully?  You will never be fully satisfied or happy.  Not only that, but you must also go further than just "seeing" and act on it.  Act on what you want.  You have to create how you see yourself!

"I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly, to fly"

I see you. Do you?