Thursday, July 6, 2017

Do You: Trust

Do you trust yourself enough to do what's necessary for your purpose? Trust is a word often thrown around during negative conversations to express the disappointment. But that is not how it should be used for you. Trusting yourself to push past all that binds and restricts you is a positive manifestation of the results you work to see.  Do you trust the goals you set in place for yourself? Sometimes we change our minds or even our goals due to an upset or disappointment.  But, no one said it would be easy.  You must learn to trust yourself enough when it comes to pursuing your passions because you will have to revisit certain steps in your plan and revise them, but that won't mean to give up.  Once you are able to wake up everyday knowing you will do whatever is necessary, the trust within yourself will become stronger. 
Most assume they only have to trust others during the process to keep their word but trusting yourself is far more important than 'others.'  When others let you down and forfeit their word, it is then your own responsibility to continue on your path to achieving your goals.  If you simply relied on another's word and when "they" let you down, you quit, then how far do you really think you'd make it?
Your purpose has been designed for you and you alone so you cannot expect or trust it in anyone else's possession. 

When you trust yourself, you'll believe anything you tell yourself.

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