Friday, April 7, 2017

The Atmosphere

Once a thought is released into the atmosphere it now has room to grow and manifest.  But, it will continue to float among the atmosphere until you activate it. The thought is only an idea; something so creative and unique.  It will not become tangible until you work it; ‘Faith without works it dead.” So, imagine having an idea for an invention, did you speak it out of your mouth? Yes? Okay, so the easy part is done; you’ve released it into a realm where only aspirations and dreams can reside.  Now, what do I do with it, you ask? You work it! Put some action where only physical entities can be.  Your Faith is equivalent to the creativity floating around (just waiting to be realized and actualized); it can’t be if nothing is working on it.  And just like any floating thing, it can become entangled in a web i.e. your other creative thoughts that remain idle because no action was given to them or even worse, they’re dead.  Or they can be snatched by someone who had a similar idea and is ready and willing to actualize it.  You see, just as exciting ‘thinking’ about what we want to be or do is, it’s more exciting ‘doing it’ to someone else.  We aren’t the only ones God blesses with creativity, inventions, talents, and ideas but I often see that we are the only ones not Faithed enough to do something.  Stop letting, better yet, stop allowing your thoughts to remain in that pretty, unrealistic dream bubble.  Let them free and Faith Up!  Actualize what you want to see.  Actualize what you to be.  It only takes a little bit of Faith and a whole lot of WORK.  Be dutiful and get it done!  If not, be my guest to watch it be snatched up and activated by someone who went for it.

                                                                                             -Timberley Randolph