Thursday, June 29, 2017

Passionate Effort

Passionate means Showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief
Effort mean a vigorous or determined attempt

For those of us wondering why we can't seem to catch a break and are constantly finding ourselves with a 'lack there of."  We want you to consider the possibility that you have settled into mediocracy with the belief that-that is all you have to offer and all you will receive. But, I believe that each one of us has a purpose but it's going to take a whole lot of passionate effort to regain our worth and value. You see, often times when we are in positions or circumstances that we believe do not "deserve" our best effort, we simply downgrade the opportunity, thus becoming content with mediocre work. When, in fact we should always give our best effort in everything we do. Being passionate about something guarantees our best results so why at any moment would you even accept less than that? If you are to be held accountable for all that you do; homework, job duties, relationship/friendship, etc, how could you ever be okay with putting your name on anything less than great? Push past your own desires and force yourself to only give the best of you. No matter what it is, be passionate about the work your hands complete and put forth your best effort. Everything we do in life is a process but don't add to the pressures and difficulties of it due to your lack.  Be confident in your efforts and do all things with passion.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Do What YOU Love!

With social media at an all time influential high, it is imperative that we at Skyy Level Media remind our readers to DO, YOU. It is not enough to simply copy another's work, style, vision, path, etc. When there is so much space and opportunity to create your own. Doing you does not mean ignoring everyone else; it does take a team and assistance from those around you to help you get to where you want to go. Remain the head of your goals and vision without sacrificing it for the sake of others on your team. It's a beautiful thing when you can accomplish what you set out to do without hindering your leadership role and skill development. Doing you is an empowering movement that will provide you with such high skill development that you will have no choice but to tap others in and help them do them. It only takes a moment to pour into others like you have been poured into.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Nature can change seasons without force and reconstruction from man.  Trees specifically go through a transition each season that allows them to experience the beauty of being full of leaves and flowers as well as the ugliness of being naked, bare, and leave-less. Just like nature and the trees, we as humans need to adapt a lifestyle of knowing when to accept change and let go so that we can go through the necessary seasons.  Why do we fight so hard to hold on to the relationships/friendships, jobs, etc. that are doing more damage to us than good?  If we could imagine for a second recognizing the changing seasons and by nature, so calmly releasing that which no longer is needed to grow and become wiser. 

It is holding onto unforgiveness, hate, anger, being vengeful or anything else that takes up so much space that there’s no room for forgiveness, peace, kindness, love.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Speak Up For Yourself!

It is possible that many people don’t always realize the importance in speaking up for yourself so we are here to make sure that you begin to develop this ever so life enhancing skill. It is disheartening when you see people not being confident enough or willing to speak for themselves and what they want.  It is also frightening to think that some people would rather sit and accept whatever is given or thrown at them.  Our question to you is, why?  How could you allow something to continue when you know it isn’t what you want or desire?  And God forbid, you wait around for someone to come and be that voice for you.

In the society we are in, there is not telling what you will end up in if you never gain enough strength to speak up for yourself.  There is nothing wrong with having a voice for yourself and going after what you want.  It is a blessing to wake up every day with a voice that works, so why not utilize it.  You’d be surprised to learn that some many things that can go away with just a conversation. Your voice is to defend you and bring forth that which you seek.  You can’t expect to be heard if you’re always quiet. When you are chasing your dreams and goals, your voice will come in handy.  Be sure to speak with confidence and boldness. If you have to believe in what you want in order for others to take heed to your words.

When you speak, be firm, yet respectful.
When you speak, be specific about what it is that you seek.
When you speak, be sure that you will receive what you ask.

Your voice may shake, but speak your mind.  Your future lies within your voice.
There is no harm in speaking up for yourself; it will only strengthen your voice.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

STOP Caressing Potential

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of potential is existing in possibility.  Sound fun?  Not really.  Why settle for the "okie doke" of just existing with all of life’s possibilities when you can live in the reality?  That would be like walking past all your dreams every single day, but never being able to have them, feel them, be them.  We believe there are people content with caressing their potential, because it gives them something to hold on to.  We also believe there are people who acknowledge they’ve been caressing their potential because they simple do not know what to do with it or what to do next.

After realizing you’ve been existing in possibility, create a plan on how to make it your reality.  What is it going to take from YOU to actualize it?  Begin to see the process unfold and you ACTUALLY obtaining that which you’ve been working towards. It is tangible!

Potential is to ignite your passion to get you motivated and do the work. Potential is not the finish line, that is unless you decide to nothing with it.

Potential should not be placed in a beautiful decorative frame to be looked at and adorned, yet it should fuel you to accomplish your dreams and goals.

We want you to be excited about your potential, but we want you to be more passion driven and focused to complete the task.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

You Are A Success!

No time for disappointments when you are constantly working on your dreams and goals. We understand it is difficult to swallow an upset when all efforts were put into succeeding.  We are here to remind you that giving up is not an option. When all your optimism and hopefulness seems like they failed you, worry and doubt not. You are closer to your ‘hooray’ moment. There's only one thing that could potentially keep you from ever reaching that point and it is, quitting.

Your best option is to use each disappointment as a stepping block or lesson learned. You have a guiding light, so follow it.  Surround yourself with people of like mind who see you striving towards success and want to support and help you obtain it. It may have been fun hanging with the crowd that stood still, but stop it; when you know better, you do better.  So, when you cannot see better results from the circle you are in, simply draw another one. 

Just like there is no time for upsets or disappointments, there is also no time to be wasted. 
You must take each stride with confidence and a conquerors’ attitude. Know that you have worked hard for your hooray moment and one or two tiny hiccups will not keep you from living your dreams. 

We believe you are a success story in the making. Believe it for yourself.