Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Speak Up For Yourself!

It is possible that many people don’t always realize the importance in speaking up for yourself so we are here to make sure that you begin to develop this ever so life enhancing skill. It is disheartening when you see people not being confident enough or willing to speak for themselves and what they want.  It is also frightening to think that some people would rather sit and accept whatever is given or thrown at them.  Our question to you is, why?  How could you allow something to continue when you know it isn’t what you want or desire?  And God forbid, you wait around for someone to come and be that voice for you.

In the society we are in, there is not telling what you will end up in if you never gain enough strength to speak up for yourself.  There is nothing wrong with having a voice for yourself and going after what you want.  It is a blessing to wake up every day with a voice that works, so why not utilize it.  You’d be surprised to learn that some many things that can go away with just a conversation. Your voice is to defend you and bring forth that which you seek.  You can’t expect to be heard if you’re always quiet. When you are chasing your dreams and goals, your voice will come in handy.  Be sure to speak with confidence and boldness. If you have to believe in what you want in order for others to take heed to your words.

When you speak, be firm, yet respectful.
When you speak, be specific about what it is that you seek.
When you speak, be sure that you will receive what you ask.

Your voice may shake, but speak your mind.  Your future lies within your voice.
There is no harm in speaking up for yourself; it will only strengthen your voice.

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