Thursday, October 2, 2014

Don't Give Up, STAY TUNED!

Have you ever been teased?  You know like when you're birthday is approaching so you make your list of your heart's desires/gifts.  Ok, so after you make the list let's say you give it to that one person you know will get you just about everything on that list.  Now, in the meantime you have to just wait and see.  But you wait hopefully with expectation.  So, the person you gave the list to has not mumbled a word about it until you ask.  Instead of a simple "yes, you're getting everything" you get a tease.  Just a short tease of what's to come and that keeps you excited because you know it's going to be great! 
That is just how God works! He knows your hearts' desires, needs and wants.  But He doesn't tell us how to wait.  We will either wait helplessly as a victim of life not going your way or hopefully in expectation of your Blessings!
So in the meantime, make the most of your time.  It will be mean, it will be hard, it will be long, but most importantly, it will be worth it!  Be faithful to your mission, carry that tease with you so that during the storm you will be able to wait with excitement. And while you are waiting, worship.  Thank God with acknowledgement of the great things to come.

Don't Give Up, STAY TUNED!!!!

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